What Does Dog & Cat Preventive Care Cover?

Preventive care from Prudent Pet covers routine dental cleanings and is also considered preventative since they help prevent your pet from developing dental disease and possible tooth loss.

Annual bloodwork and urinalysis are also used to keep track of your pet’s overall health and pick up any abnormalities that may not be presenting with symptoms yet. These annual diagnostics and treatments help ensure your pet can avoid developing some conditions that can be prevented.

Why is Pet Preventive Care Important?

The importance of having preventive care coverage is to make sure you can offer your pet with the best possible care throughout their life. In most cases, it’s easier to prevent illnesses than to treat them. Our preventive care add-ons help cover most preventive healthcare options either in full or can partially offset the cost of more expensive items like dental or flea and heartworm prevention.

The preventative care add-ons are not subject to any waiting periods or deductible, so as soon as your policy is active, you can start getting reimbursed towards any of the items covered under your plan. Do you need more information to decide if pet insurance is right for your dog or cat? Our FAQs and Pet Insurance 101 should do the trick.

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