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How to Get a Pet Insurance Quote

Searching for the right pet insurance for your dog or cat isn’t always easy. Among the many options of brands, coverages, and price points, the process can seem overwhelming.  The Prudent Pet team is made up of dedicated pet lovers, and like you, we want...

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Badass Dogs: Police Dogs

Dogs are our best friends and love us unconditionally, but they also can hold some very important jobs. At Prudent Pet, we want to recognize the animals that are serving our communities by emBARKing on a series of blogs titled Badass Dogs. The roles pups...

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Bone Broth Benefits & Recipes for Dogs

Some wellness trends are nothing more than crazes providing little nutritional value and in certain cases are harmful altogether. It’s always good to be cautious of fads, but there is one that we can unquestionably get behind: bone broth for dogs. Serving...

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Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

Summer is around the corner! You and your dog have been cooped up all winter. It’s finally time to run around, play fetch, and socialize with other doggos. Summer is an exciting time for pups and owners alike, but with warm weather comes new doggy dangers....

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What Is Pet Insurance?

Everyone has purchased insurance at some point, but very few people understand how it works. This is no surprise as it can be confusing, so when people hear of insurance for animals they wonder: “What is pet insurance and why would I ever need it?” First,...

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Dogs and Storms

April showers bring May flowers, so it’s no surprise to anyone that springtime means storms. So why is this a problem? Thunderstorms! If you’re a dog owner, you’re going to want to be prepared for spring thunderstorms. If your dog reacts poorly to loud...

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Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Have you been looking to add a furry family member to your clan? Consider kicking off your Summer by adopting a shelter cat! If you want a buddy to enjoy all the fun summer activities with, you can’t go wrong with a furry feline friend. Let’s celebrate...

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Dogs and Allergies

Itchy skin, watery eyes, excessive sneezing – most people are very familiar with the common symptoms of allergies. It’s common knowledge that people are susceptible to reactions, but believe it or not, dogs also suffer from allergies. Like humans, canine...

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How to Remove Fleas and Ticks

A pet parent’s worst nightmare is finding a dreaded little parasite that’s taken residency on their pup. But no need to worry — you can remove and prevent flea and ticks on your dogs at home. Most pet owners don’t know much about fleas and ticks, except...

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